Natural scout team called Hinata who just found out. In fact it is captured at the same time as Nagase Marin who is a megane daughter. The encounter of ○○○ (still a secret) figure is next time’s enjoyment.
I was waiting at the station, but it is a beautiful woman asking me if it is okay. There are too many passengers and I can not talk much, so let ‘s stay alone.
I entered the room and asked why. I heard that I have not gone to a graduation trip since I graduated from junior college. I want to go back to where I am and make memories. Then, please leave it to Tennen memorization cheering party (no such thing). Let’s create memories of a nice trip before going on a trip.
While listening to the story I only get the coat off, the Tennen camera will get under the skirt soon. I’m pretty badly wearing underwear. I reacted when I pushed the butt. Pretty sensitive. I got stains on my pants just by rubbing my nipples gently. Let’s take time to slowly attack with slow sex.

天然スカウト隊が発掘したばかりのひなたちゃんを呼び出しました。実はめがねっ娘の永瀬マリンちゃんと同時に捕獲。 ○○○(まだ秘密)姿の出会いは次回のお楽しみ。