It was a dream to be famous since I was a little, but as I grew older, I began to be interested in AV, and it was amateur Sanba who applied for this interview. I prefer sex rather than three degrees of rice than interesting in the world beyond the camera! ! I do not have a boyfriend now, so he seems to masturbate two or three times a week. I can make sex, get money, maybe I can be famous, hope is inflating my heart. Undressing! Body’s body is outstanding to the touch. A feeling while getting excited by a pussy in a toy is an AV actress face-to-face! This will soon be famous, Mika chan. Of course I will make a mistake. However, I have not confirmed the sensitivity of the lower body yet, “Oh, Jaa Maagaya … to the bed

小さい頃から有名になるのがのが夢でしたが、年を重ねるごとにAVにも興味を持ちはじめたと今回 の面接に応募してきてくれたのは素人の真菜ちゃん。カメラの向こうの世界に興味を持つよりも なによりも三度の飯よりもセックスがお好きなのだ!!今は彼氏いないので週に2~3回オナニーをするだそうです。 セックスができて、お金も入る、ひょっとしたら有名になれるかもしれないと希望を胸に膨らませて、 いざ。脱衣!ムチムチのカラダは触り心地抜群。おもちゃにおマンコを刺激されてよがりながらの感じっぷりはAV女優顔負け! これならすぐに有名になれるよ、真菜ちゃん。もちろん採用間違いなしっしょ。でも下半身の感度とかまだ確認してなかった、 「あ、じゃー真菜ちゃん。ベッドのほうへ…」