Hang out around the Akasaka Mitsuke! There are luxurious shops that stand side by side. I am awesome, so I’d like to target a person with a sense of celebrity with beautiful Akasaka! That’s why I’m pretty beautiful older sister. Dogeza many times. I am conscious of the recent Nanpa TV that there is a place I can rely on. I’m studying smarter Nanpa Tec …. “Suzu” who is doing a bite in the lounge. Truly Akasaka … a 20-year-old girl is a magical magic that will transform her into a sexy woman with such an adult …! Well, let’s talk with drunk as I want to interview with a feeling of being out of touch. The interviewer gradually guided the talk towards erotic direction. An actor from the side closely closes the distance further gradually. Even while showing some confusion, it is honored to be hit by electric power over the pantyhose. Then we have taken the expression and atmosphere as Toronge. I’m sorry for the lounge girl before going to work, but the pantyhose camouflage face got caught ♪