Manami widow had sent the day-to-day of heartbreak. Or there was no inconvenience to the property is there life? , Or hole in the heart? It remained vacant. Brother of worry the husband or the wife Kasumi? Brother-in-law that will come come in the neighborhood of Manami house Tsukeiri to the heartbreak state Manami, overlapping sexual intercourse with the brother-in-law and Manami was going to become a prisoner of relatives bar? Was Tsu ….

未亡人の真奈美は傷心の日々を送っていた。 財産が有り生活に不自由なかったか?、 心に穴か?空いたままだった。 心配した夫の兄とその妻かすみか? 真奈美の家の近所に越してくることになる 義兄は傷心状態の真奈美に付け入り、義兄と性交を重ねる そして真奈美は親戚棒の虜になって行くのた?った…。