Miomi Sonoda suits her word. Following “Luxury TV 441” this time will be the second appearance. Mao Sonoda who works hard in everything speaks enthusiasm in this volume. She seems to like SEX, “asked for asking …”. Deep kiss is rich enough to make obscene sound first. Mai-san crosses a man, kisses more violently, rubbing her in her groin. When you turn your clothes up, you will see a pure white tight and resilient butt on the T back. Take off all your clothes, let the butt stick out and rub your head in between your crotch. If you tenderly caress soft tits

という言葉が似合う園田みおんさん。『ラグジュTV 441』に続いて今回が二度目の出演となる。何事にも一生懸命な園田みおんさんは本編でも意気込みを語っている。『求めて求められて…』というSEXが一番好きらしい。まずは卑猥な音が出るほどの濃厚なディープキス。みおんさんは男に跨り、さらに激しくキスを、股間にま◯こを擦りつけていく。服をめくり上げるとTバックに真っ白で張りと弾力のあるお尻が現れる。服を全部脱がし、お尻を突き出させ、股間にま◯こを擦りつけさせる。柔らかいおっぱいを優しく愛撫されれば