I am in Ueno! ! Did you miss the rush hour? Because there are few people going in and out in front of the station, it is time! home! ! OL which runs at a tremendous speed while drawing a carry back. Sure enough, it passed by. At the moment when the atmosphere of withdrawal drifted from the sunset day! Mr. OL said! ! Today, I rescued the place where I did not have a hotel to stay and

私は上野にいます! ! ラッシュアワーを逃しましたか? 駅前で出入りする人が少ないので時間です! 家だ! ! 繰り返しをしながら途方もないスピードで走るOL。 案の定、通り過ぎた。 撤退の雰囲気が日没の日から漂った瞬間に! OLさん、言った! ! 今日、私は私が滞在するホテルがなかった場所を救助しました