The girl who caught in Shibuya after the rain … The hair is shiny! Your skin is good! Eye-to-eye! The reaction is also Capi Capi! It is a very pretty girl ♪ Kanako (22)! As I usually go to universities in Tokyo, the time I was vacant is a college student working part-time at a cafe, and I feel like I can say a voice from college classmates and male customers at a cafe! What? “I can not call him at all ~ ♪” and mischievous remarks! ! Actually, she is free for a year without her boyfriend! Moreover, she himself was very shy and passive ♪ I heard such a story in the hotel room, but behind her she is a toy ● po type toy w “This is Chi – Chi – Jee!” While talking about something good, it is said that the good thing is told, as it is hand joked ♪ And if you feed the real thing as it is, I am slowly licking from the head of the turtle with my tongue while disgusting. W I see something slightly happy in Ji ● You can also look at w watch girls’ bastards female college students who have been brought up to sex by being told by the baptismal wielder Nanpa! There is no reason for not getting excited like this ww