This project is wrecked a girl that city go with apt, taking a realistic amateur women sex, it is a project to record. This time real Nampa start around “Sangenjaya Station”! [Day 1] not fly but cry also call out to any person or stroll the streets at night dizzy. . . When I give up, I found a tavern clerk was a lovely dress you’re on the other side of the road! Close to confirming that the signal has changed to a quick pace to call out. “Now, I’m looking tavern to put in one person …” “There you’ll! Out’ll guide you in you, which is also a private room,” said a smiling response. But I was asked to guide to the store can not deep story Nampa outcome is zero on this day. Day 1 was the one person Yakezake is completed. [Day 2] also “Sangenjaya Station” Nampa start around. The were immediately found a girl who has guided to the shop on the first day. Me remember and immediately call out. Early story from there or because there is an acquaintance, went back to the shop with the promise of meeting and us come to an end work