This project is wrecked a girl that city go with apt, taking a realistic amateur women sex, it is a project to record. This time or shine Nampa is aimed at travelers, such as us to Tokyo sightseeing together in Shinjuku Station! ! And became the today’s target is Mio-chan (21). She that came to play by one person also serves as looking for work from Hokkaido, duck mouth cute small animal-based girl with a favorite to become and will likely cuteness at a glance! ! Gives off a charm that does not put alone in a natural pre-transmitted even just signed a little word (laughs)! ! Apparently as it was in trouble astray, first established negotiating a word of but had been wary “I will hold down a good hotel to stay tonight”! ! Anyway Tokyo guide also serves in that play together in the amusement park! Table tennis, hockey, a game center, liquor and crepe that I love also enjoy “sooo fun ~ ♪” and satisfaction care of Mio-chan