A 20-year-old beautiful girl “Nonoura warm” enthralling people with transparent eyes and a pretty smile enters the AV world as Prestige exclusive actress! A beautiful girl who produces warm air with a cute appearance exposes her skin before the camera! An innocent smile that does not know the impurity, a smooth skin with no cloudy overturns and a mysterious waist, curiosity to a pleasure to see yet …. First shot full of shyness of a beautiful girl who has a genius of attracting people begins. Expectation for the tension so that the beating resounds and ‘Iku’. The bodies that conflict each other pass through and are enveloped by pleasure little by little, and move to the culmination of the first time …. Everyone is deprived of their heart and falls in love. Unmistakably ‘pure’ absolute girls come down to Prestige! !

透明感溢れる瞳と可憐な微笑みで人々を魅了する20歳の美少女『野々浦 暖』がプレステージ専属女優としてAV界に進出!愛くるしい佇まいで暖かな空気を生み出す美少女がカメラの前に素肌をさらけ出す!穢れを知らぬ無邪気な笑顔、一転の曇りもない滑らかな美肌と妖艶な腰つき、まだ見ぬ快楽への好奇心…。人々を惹きつける天賦の才を持つ美少女の恥じらいに満ちた初撮りが始まる。鼓動が響き渡る程の緊張と‘イク’ことへの期待。相反する思いが行き交う身体は少しずつ快感に包み込まれ、初めての絶頂へ歩み出す…。誰しもが心を奪われ、恋をする。紛れもなく‘純粋’な絶対的美少女がプレステージに降臨!!