“Rimma Arimura” is 18 years old. Aiming to go on with money he earned, as part of fund procurement, it appeared AV as “only a few”. He has little sex experience and has not liked sex itself. A large breast and hairless pubic area that shines in a slender waist. When you stimulate slowly, trembling your body, a lot of joy juice overflows. Tightly tighten the cock inserted deep into the vagina and immerse yourself in the pleasure while leaking a discreet chill by taking a hard piston. ‘Real intention’ which becomes exposed every time the shooting advances ‘spirit’ speaks frankly. A beautiful girl who knows two contradictory men will meet new pleasures …. Please enjoy the real document which reflected the true face of pure innocent girl.

『有村 梨紗』18歳。自分の稼いだお金での進学を目指し、資金調達の一環で「数本だけ」と割り切ってAV出演。性経験が浅く、セックス自体好きになり切れていない。細身な腰つきに映える大きな乳房と無毛の陰部。ゆっくりと刺激を重ねると体を震わせながら、多量の愛液が溢れてくる。膣奥深くへと挿し込まれた肉棒をきつく締めつけ、激しいピストンを浴びて控えめな嬌声を漏らしながら快感に浸る。淡々と語る‘強がり’と撮影が進むごとに露わになる ‘本音’。相反するふたつの自分を知った美少女は新たな快楽に巡り合う…。純粋無垢な美少女の素顔を映し出したリアルドキュメントをお楽しみください。