A woman who will show off this dance is a single mother of a child how much ☆ ☆ Aimi who is a solid person who is working beautifully with beautiful appearance and making a living by working at a snack. A smile is very cute impression, there is no mistake ☆ Ms. Aimi like that, there seem to be three boyfriends. Hua … Although the appearance seems to be a bit Yancha, the personality is also graceful and the desire for the ecchi is strong, always being aware of myself who was born as a woman, and care about beauty is going without getting through every day as expected is. Although it seems to be loud in appearance, it seems to have not been to the club or disco much to have been playing since I was young, but rather it was that he was bustling a loud volume thrilling around the city and crowd the world By the thing … (lol) Although it may not be able to expect the skill of dancing, it can be covered with charm and looks altogether. Another time in my jeans, my other elementary school student was always crouching while I was dancing by Aimei (Smile) I laughed a bit nervous, such as swinging boobs, soft textured butt, etc. Mr. Dancing is sure to be fresh and surely likes the side you are watching !!

今回のダンスを披露してくれる女性はなんと子持ちのシングルマザーです☆☆キラッ 容姿もとびきり美人でスナックで働いて生計を立てているというしっかり者の愛美さん。 笑顔がとてもかわいい印象で、男性うけ間違いなしです☆ そんな愛美さん、なんと彼氏が3人もいるそうです。ハァ… 見かけは少しヤンチャに見えるところがありますが性格もおしとやかでエッチに対する願望が強く 女性として生まれてきた自分を常に意識しているのか、美に対するケアも日々手を抜かず行っているあたりは さすがです。 見かけは派手ではごぜーますが若い頃からあまりクラブやディスコには遊びに行ったことがないそうで、どちらかというと 街中をスリリングに大音量をぶちかまし世間を賑わかせていたほうだったとのことで・・・(笑) ダンスの腕前は期待できないかもしれませんが、愛嬌とルックスで存分にカバーできてしまっています。 小生も愛美さんが踊っている間、常にジーパンの中でもう一人の小生がはちきれんばかりに暴れてしまっておりました(笑) ゆらゆら揺れるおっぱい、柔らかい質感のお尻など、少し緊張気味に笑って踊るさまは観ている側も新鮮で間違いなく気に入っていただけるはずです!!