Miku Chan has byte at the famous pub chain stores Kinshicho. It seems very … every day in the busy season, but it is taken sew such interval. Make friends went to the shop, but had said when speaking of the matter of the shooting or “Tsu impossible serious”, to feel that informal go for a drink once the shop at the end … “because not Toka now boyfriend” and of the day and H to out, was the promise of a later date shooting. So, in is a good boy !! audience is often invited, is a popular person. Such miku Chang 200% joy because I can Gonzo the !! And it was shaved for the favorite food … Toka was before the boyfriend of hobby … “Once do is say this man” so, cock pierce the sharp crack state has to keep as further Kofun to !! Saffle that I have put in to.