18+ CG collection of original Vadass is a Minako Komukai fully live-action! “Do not say I Izumi ○ field complex, quite good woman has been spear like crazy because Tsu during the day because I had !!” writing had been on the asterisk to the customs bulletin board a familiar place names. It has been carried out hidden sex in this apartment complex. It immorality sense of a man who has been aroused the greed to the reality of dealing with the wife of the man as a sexual outlet was so Kayoitsumeru here if you notice would addicted to soon to become … I customer ….

原作Vadassの 18禁CG集が小向美奈子で完全実写化!「泉○野団地っていいな、けっこうイイ女がいたから昼間っからヤりまくってきた!!」風俗掲示板に伏字にはなっていたが見覚えのある地名の書き込み。この団地では隠れ風俗が行われている。人の妻を性の捌け口として扱う事の背徳感とそのリアリティに欲を掻き立てられた男達が顧客になる…俺もすぐにハマってしまい気づけばここに通いつめるようになっていた…。