★ This work is a project to visit a busy woman ‘s work arbitrarily and decide time to be taken and to shoot. During the AV actress concurrent business days, I will chase the beauty guys who refuse AV shooting because they say “I can not meet the schedule” while coming to the interview. ① Mizuki who works for the lighting consultancy company in the day I came. Does lighting mean something, do you sell lighting that we use for shooting? Are you indebted? I thought, it seemed to be an ordinary household lighting specialty. Then, I am not interested. ② Even though I try to call Mizuki who is working at a later date, I am reluctant to reply to say that I want to take a strange and sexy shoot. Because I am awkward, I want to hear stories about lighting fixtures, properly lie and attach promises to meet. When I thought that I could finally meet you, I always accompany my boss as I go with my boss when I open business. It is a woman who brings troubles everywhere. My boss took a moment to see the gap and brought it to the toilet and then shoots forcibly blowjob while clearing the anger. ③ I have not done anything yet, I have to take time and effort and this alone will not end. Called again at the end of the work, took a meal to apologize who pushed suddenly during the day, and again lied to the hotel properly, taken this time with a squirrel. It seemed that it was not exaggeration that “I am an erotic person” on the profile written at the interview, it seems that it was not an exaggeration, and it was this owner who felt that the waist was made to bend bigger just a little by hand and it felt this owner. Where is the attitude that I hated so long ago, when it comes to the end of the day it is a Udori face that leaks an unpleasant pant voice. I still have a feeling of not being able to clear the daytime anger, but I lied a few times and then I called it, so let me declare it to be chara with this.