Appeared for the third time with great popularity! “AKARI-chan” reappears again ♪ As usual it looks beautiful looking, I was shining a light not shining at Shinagawa station of the meeting place ♪ Last time and last time I applied for myself, but this time I will offer an offer from this place ♪ I told her that she received contacts ♪ Apparently she seems to have been waiting

大人気で3度目の登場! 「あかりちゃん」が再登場♪いつものように美しく見えますが、会場の品川駅では光っていない光を照らしていました♪前回と前回は申し込みをしましたが、今回はこちらから申し出をさせていただきます 場所♪連絡を受けたと伝えました♪どうやら彼女は待っていたようです